Become a Partner | Lesson 3 Get an Approval

Application Approved


After the GSP Manager reviewed your complete registration, you will immediately receive an email with the result.

When your application has been completely approved you will receive the email on the right side. This means your application passed all the criteria and you can start managing your company details, agency (locations/ branches), counsellors and students using the GSP Application.Congratulations to you and to your organisation!

On the other hand, if you received a different email, it’s either your application was declined or need to provide more details. That’s why it’s better to always complete all the details asked before submitting. In this way, you are increasing your chances of being approved.

If you have not met the essential requirements. The following are some of the possible reasons why your registration may be rejected:

  • Does not meet minimum eligibility criteria
  • No physical office location
  • Agency is not appropriately registered or licensed
  • Agency dormant – no activity or contact
  • Region unavailable due to alternate exclusive arrangements
  • Poor or no reference response

Please note that when your registration was not approved, you can no longer login to use the GSP Application.


When you login after being completely approved, you’ll notice that there are additional items that you can access. These will be discussed in the following modules.

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