Course Type

Lesson 1 Search Filters | Session 3 Course Type 1 Course Type Filter are other attributes about a course. You can narrow the search result by using the following filters: Course Sector By Level of Study By Area of Study By Course Duration By Availability – the date intake/ start of a course 2 Click […]


Lesson 1 Search Filters| Session 2 Institution 1 Institution Filter is where the student wants to study. You can narrow the search result by using the following filters: By Institution Country By Country State where Campus is located By Campus Nearest City – the metropolitan city nearest to the campus By Institution Name – when […]

Student Location

Lesson 1 Search Filters | Session 1 Student Location 1 Student Location is the current location of the student when submitting an application. It can also be defined as which country the student is applying his/ her Visa from. Quick Tip. Click anywhere outside a bubble to see the previous filters. 2 Click Select Country to […]

Course Search

Course Search Search and compare to find courses that match your interest, lifestyle and career ambitions. Module Introduction Definition Course Search is where you can look for the course that best matches the needs and preferences of your student. With the range of filters available for you to use, you are sure to find the […]

Header and Logout

Lesson 5 Navigation | Session 4 Header and Logout 1 This is the header of GSP v2.0 looks like. It has icon buttons on the right side. You can only use these icon buttons when you are in GSP v2.0 Pages. This header is in all GSP v2.0 Pages (Homepage, Record List Pages and Record […]

Record Page

Lesson 5 Navigation | Session 3 Record Page 1 From the Record List page, click the student profile pic to go its record page. 2 If you are in the Report View, click the GSP ID Link. Images 2.1 and 2.2 Record ID links looks the same across GSP v2.0 Page. Whenever you see something like […]

Record List

Lesson 5 Navigation | Session 2 Record List 1 From GSP Homepage, you are usually navigated to a Record List. This is true to the following GSP v2.0 pages: My Students My Enrolments My Applications My Commission My To Do   2 Click the toggle button above the list to see a report type of […]

Main Menu and Sidebar

Lesson 5 Navigation | Session 1 Main Menu and Sidebar 1 You can find the Main Menu in the GSP Homepage. Click any of the icon buttons to navigate around the GSP App. Icon buttons that are inside the purple lines are the ones your Company has access to. It still depends though on your […]

Set Profile Picture

Lesson 4 My Profile Picture | Session 1 Set Profile Picture 1 Before you set your profile picture in GSP App, make sure that you have a square, clear and front facing image of yourself that you will use. The image type should not be a problem as GSP App should be able to accept […]


Lesson 3 Help 1 If you feel stuck anywhere navigating around the GSP v2.0, you can always contact GSP using ‘Help‘ (? icon) located at the header. Make sure that you are in any GSP v2.0 to view this header. Click the Help icon to see the list of GSP Team which corresponds to the […]