Certificates vs. diplomas: What’s the difference?

There’s more to post-secondary education than a degree. Certificates and diplomas are viable alternatives that students can take to further their education or kickstart their careers. But what’s the deal […]

Tech universities in the US, UK and APAC

Tech universities are extremely popular among international students. There’s a large demand for programs like computer science, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), especially with automation and AI tech dominating different […]

Postgraduate research degrees in the UK and Ireland

Every year, thousands of international students set their sights on the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland for postgraduate research degrees. According to The Economic Times, an all-time high of 559,825 […]

Intake dates in key study abroad destinations (2024)

Every year, thousands of students fly across the globe to pursue education in countries like the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. Universities in these countries often promise higher-quality […]

A guide to student visas around the world

Most students aspiring to study abroad must acquire a student visa. This visa is a document that allows a person to stay in another country for a specified amount of […]

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