The closure of Australia’s Pandemic Event visa

As of 2 September 2023, a new measure has taken effect where applications for the Pandemic Event visa are only open to existing visa holders. This means that Pandemic Event visa holders will be able to apply for a subsequent Pandemic Event visa after 2 September 2023, providing leeway for preparations and adjustments, until the visa is completely closed for everyone in February 2024.

Updates in the Australian student visa application process

It’s safe to say that an Australian student visa is one of the most coveted visas in the world. As a major study destination for international students from all over the globe, Australia has had its student visa application process discussed widely among various groups. Along with the application to the school of their choice, the student visa application is a very important step for any student wanting to pursue studies abroad.

A Recap of GSP’s dynamic recruitment events across South Asia in August 2023

As we welcome a new month, let’s look back and celebrate the incredible success of GSP’s recent series of events in South Asia last August. These networking events were carefully organised to establish connections with GSP’s recruitment partners, sparking meaningful conversations around their significant role in the international education landscape.

GSP Café’s successful first regional session in Latin America

This month, we are proud to have launched our sixth session of GSP Café! GSP Café is an interactive discussion led by education industry leaders aimed to share valuable insights from GSP’s study destinations to shed light and share knowledge and insights through lively, engaging and meaningful conversations. After much anticipation, we’re back to hosting exciting discussions tailored to provide insights to GSP’s diverse source markets, starting with Latin America.

Exponential growth of international students in Canada causes growing housing demands

While the heightened interest in Canada as a study destination is great, the unexpected increase in the international student pool has directly and significantly affected the country’s housing market. The influx of international students coming into the country has caused the demand for accommodation to exceed way past the existing supply.

US visas issued for international students exceed pre-pandemic figures

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, international education was of course gravely affected. Numbers in the US dropped, but have since been on an upward slope since borders reopened. 2022 brought the largest number of enrolments since 2019. According to Boundless, “In 2022, there were 1,362,157 active F-1* and M-1* students living in the [US], an increase of 10% from the previous year, and a clear sign that international student enrollment is bouncing back to pre-pandemic levels.”

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