Discover Post Study Work Visa opportunities in New Zealand

In case its lovely monikers as “God’s own country” and the “Paradise of the Pacific” aren’t enough to pull you in, New Zealand’s excellent standard of living, cultural diversity and consistent ranking as the world’s most peaceful country should push it to one of the top spots on your list of ideal international study and/or work destinations. The country has long been recognised for its outstanding education system, with all eight of its universities enjoying consistently high ranks in the QS World Rankings and Times Higher Education Rankings. Considering the matchless quality of life and abundance of opportunities New Zealand has to offer, it comes as no surprise that many international students desire to stay, work, or look for a job after completing their studies. 

International students in New Zealand can apply to extend their stay in the country by applying for a Post Study Work Visa. If you’re considering New Zealand as your study destination, here are the eligibility requirements you need to take note of should you wish to apply for one. 


Eligibility requirements for a Post Study Work Visa in New Zealand

According to the New Zealand Government’s official immigration website, you are eligible for a Post Study Work Visa if:

  • You studied a degree level 7 or above qualification, or;
  • You studied a non-degree level 7 or below qualification, and your qualification is on the Qualifications Eligible for a Post Study Work Visa list. (In this case, the job you take must be related to what you studied.


Acceptable qualifications for a Post Study Work Visa (pre 12 May 2022)

Those who applied for their Student Visas on or before 11 May 2022 are also eligible for a Post Study Work Visa as long as their qualifications are deemed acceptable. Below are the acceptable qualifications for a Post Study Work Visa for those who applied by this date.

To be acceptable:

  • You must have studied in New Zealand, and;
  • Your qualification must be Level 4 or higher on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.
    • If your qualification is Level 7 or higher, your qualification is acceptable if your course lasted 30 weeks or more.
    • If you studied at Levels 4 to 6, your qualification is acceptable if you:
      • completed it after study of 60 weeks or more, or 
      • gained 2 qualifications that:
        • each involved at least 30 weeks’ study, and;
        • the level of your last qualification was higher than the first.


For those who were studying or had applied for a student visa by August 8, 2018, your Post Study Work Visa qualifications are acceptable if you studied the English language; English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) qualifications are not acceptable. If you want to work for longer, you may be able to apply for another Post Study Work Visa, but only if you complete another qualification in New Zealand that:

  • You studied for 30 weeks or more
  • Is a bachelor’s degree or post-graduate qualification
  • Is at a higher level than the qualification you used to get your previous visa, and
  • You applied for your second student visa on or before 11 May 2022.


Find more information about the New Zealand Qualifications Framework levels on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website.