GSP is addressing the problem that students face on a daily basis when they decide to study abroad

GSP addresses the problems of connectivity, choice, and access to universities and schools globally for students wishing to study aboard.

We solve this problem differently and better than anyone else in the global marketplace by providing unparalleled access to course stock in multiple destinations and a unique course search, find, compare and shortlist. We also offer a service to match the individual student with a local verified GSP recruitment partner that can offer expert advice and counselling to both students and parents.

GSP offers a unique online two-sided EdTech marketplace linking millions of students through their agents and channels to over 27,000+ courses in hundreds of institutions globally and its free!

GSP addresses all of these concerns…

Where to study?

What to study?

Do I qualify academically?

Can I afford it?

Is this course suitable?

How do I apply?

Can I speak to someone locally in person?

Can I compare courses?

How GSP Works

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Education is transformational, it changes lives and your journey starts here

Choose from multiple study destinations

Search from thousands of courses

Compare & Apply

Speak to a local expert advisor

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Compulsory student health cover

Study Loans


Payment Systems

Wifi & Telephone





We provide personalised onshore support when you arrive at your study destination


Abir Nehme

“On my behalf I would like to thank all the staff who helped me. I was accepted into a pathway suggested by you, in which I am extremely happy and thankful. Couldn’t have done it without your help! Thank you very much.”

Annabel Hoysted

“I have been accepted into Notre Dame through you guys! All staff from GSP were enthusiastic and helpful in assisting me to achieve my education goals! I would just like to thank you for getting back to me so efficiently with the answers to my questions and queries. I would not have made it into university without this help. I had no idea of the opportunity GSP would offer me with until I searched it online!”

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