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Study NSW

The NSW Government established Study NSW in 2014 to increase the number of international students studying in Sydney and NSW or with our education providers overseas, improve the quality of their experience while in the State and recognise their contributions to our communities.

Study NSW is a dedicated unit within the NSW Government responsible for delivering the 10-year international education strategy outlined in the Industry Action Plan and positioning NSW in key markets as a leader in international education that launches global careers.

Study NSW has four main functions:

Marketing, promotion and research;

Development of policy and advocacy to enhance the competitiveness of international education in NSW;

Delivery and evaluation of strategies and programs to improve the experiences of international students in NSW, and

Identification and generation of international market development opportunities and new technology-enabled models of delivery.

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Study Adelaide

Once a student arrives here, StudyAdelaide goes beyond the welcome and offers a year-long calendar of free and discounted events and activities that give students the opportunity to meet, make new friends and immerse themselves in different aspects of Australian culture.

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Study Canberra

Study in Canberra and earn a first class education that is recognised around the world. Canberra is home to a number of world-class research and education institutions. Our universities, training institutions, colleges and schools deliver high quality education and produce influential graduates.

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