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We built GSP Academy in such a way to make sure that you can easily access any module just in case you want to skip some of them and go directly to what you want to learn.

Each module has their own set of LESSONS (numbers in circles). Each lessons are chunked into SESSIONS. Each of these study topics (Modules, Lessons and Sessions) has their own links which mostly you will find in purple. You can click any purple item to navigate around GSP Academy with ease. Check out all the modules below and navigate around to start learning.


Welcome to GSP. The current system version which we call GSP 2.0 has a range of exciting new functions and provides our Recruitment Partners – you – with tools and visibility that is unsurpassed.

As we develop new processes and functions in GSP, we are also developing some simple and accessible training modules to help you get the most out of the platform as quickly as possible. These are here at GSP Academy.

This is your one stop destination to learn how the processes work and how you can get the most out of GSP system. If you are new to GSP, these simple function by function modules will help you get started and quickly helping your students. If you are a long term user of GSP, the training here will make the transition to this new interface and process an easy and seamless one.

We are constantly improving and adding to the GSP capability and as we introduce new features and tools for you, you will find support in how to best use these here at GSP Academy.

If at any time you get stuck or need some additional help you can reach out to any of the local or regional staff who are fully trained always ready to help.

Become a Partner

Lesson 1 – 3

Click any of the sessions below to start.


Fill out and submit form

Login and complete requirements

Get an approval.

Step 1: Fill out and submit form – when you submit a form GSP initially assesses your application. From this point, you will be granted GSP App access but with limited features where you can monitor your application status.

Step 2: Login and complete requirements – if you are conditionally approved, complete and submit requirements.

Step 3: Get an approval – if GSP completely approves your application then you can start managing your organisation.


Type in your browser's address bar, globalstudypartners.com.


In the header bar, click 'RECRUITMENT PARTNERS'. This link will navigate you to the Recruitment Partners info page.

Image 2.1 Click "PARTNER WITH GSP" button to navigate to the registration page.

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