Is a nursing program too expensive for your students?

Apart from being one of the most noble and fulfilling jobs, the nursing profession is highly in demand in almost every country across the world, what with the global shortage of healthcare professionals. The job of a nurse is multi-dimensional, requiring that you interact directly with patients, administer treatment and tests, perform lab work, provide counselling and guidance, operate equipment, research treatment methods

Most affordable nursing programs in the US and Canada

Studying nursing in the United States is known to promise excellent employment opportunities after graduation. Recognised for having one of the best health care and medical services in the world, the United States is a great training ground for aspiring hospital nurses…

Quiz Time

Quiz Time! How many of the following questions do you know about the UK?  Answer 15 questions correctly to win a prize! Source your answers by asking real people – don’t rely on Google! Send us your selfie (or group photo) with 10 answers. WhatsApp message with your answers to Martyn at +44 7811900848 How many […]

Living in the UK and Ireland

Living in the UK and Ireland There is no doubt that costs are rising globally, and things are no different in the UK and Ireland.  As students, your funds are limited so you need to be smart about where you can make some savings. Here are some tips to make your £’s go further: Smart […]

Feature Story: Zayan Shabbir Kazi

Feature Story: Zayan Shabbir Kazi ZAYAN SHABBIR KAZI Course: MSc in Data Science University: South East Technological University Carlow (Republic of Ireland) Zayan has been studying for his Data Science MSc at South East Technological University (SETU) since September 2022. Originally from India, his first impression of Ireland was how cold and windy it can be. However, […]

Test Tutorial

Meet our new Senior Partnerships Manager for North America One of the most integral elements of a successful organisation is passion. And if you were to look for an embodiment of passion, you must meet Catherine Wilson, Global Study Partner’s Senior Partnerships Manager – North America. With a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and post-graduate […]